Director-Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman

Starring-Amanda Seyfried, Peter Sarsgaard

Scott’s Review #133


Reviewed July 24, 2014 

Grade: B

Lovelace is an account of famous 1970’s porn star, Linda Lovelace, and her rise to stardom and inevitable fall from the spotlight, difficult family life, abusive relationships, and her attempt to escape the porn world for good.

The film certainly portrays the story from Lovelace’s point and view and based on her tell-all autobiography, and spins her in a very sympathetic way. Whether all of her abuse and struggles that Lovelace claimed are to be believed is up to the viewer.

Lovelace, the film, comes across as similar to Boogie Nights- even the 1970’s soundtrack is eerily alike, but clearly inferior to that masterpiece.

The only character whose past is fully delved into is Linda Lovelace and she is the sole focal point; the others are simply an extension of her character. One major issue I found with the film is the casting of Amanda Seyfried as Linda Lovelace.

Seyfried does not have the plain Jane or girl next door characteristics that the actual Lovelace had. She comes across as rather soft and gentle, much too much for this particular role.

Conversely, the casting of Sharon Stone and Peter Sarsgaard is excellent as each is dynamic in their respective roles. Stone in particular should have received much more acclaim than she did for her role. As Lovelace’s mother, she is gritty, steely, and unsympathetic.

The film contains a who’s who of Hollywood names involved in small roles.

Another issue is the film seems like a made for television movie and considering the subject matter is the porn industry, it seems awfully watered down and not harsh enough.

Lovelace is entertaining enough to keep one’s interest but is not riveting or in-depth enough to be a major success.

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