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Director Bong Joon-ho

Starring Hye-Ja Kim

Scott’s Review #480


Reviewed September 11, 2016

Grade: A

Mother (2009) is brilliant! I loved it and implored people to give the film a chance.

Years later, just desserts would be served. Director, Bong Joon-ho would win the Oscar for Parasite (2019).

It is a South Korean film- made in 2009 that almost nobody has heard of-let alone seen, but it is fantastic. It’s a shame that it did not get more notice, but sadly, some of the best films do not.

The plot revolves around a mysterious¬†murder that occurs in a small South Korean village and a poor village woman’s mission to exonerate her mentally challenged son, who is convicted of the crime in a botched case.

The plot twists and turns and is compelling beyond belief. The real crux of the film is what lengths a mother will take to protect her son, a question many viewers can ask themselves.

Why Hye-Ja Kim, who plays the title character was not nominated for an Oscar for this role is beyond me and quite a shame. She is a goldmine and gives a terrific, memorable performance.

The movie is stylistic and has moments that resemble Hitchcock and David Lynch combined. One does not know what will transpire from scene to scene and that is the beauty of the film- besides the wonderful acting.

Once the film ends viewers will feel compelled to discuss, which is an accomplished feat.

I highly recommend it.

Independent Spirit Award Nominations: Best Foreign Film