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Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Starring Audrey Tatou

Scott’s Review #74


Reviewed June 27, 2014

Grade: C+

Amelie (2001) was a major disappointment for me. Critically acclaimed and admired, I did not get this movie at all.

First the positives: this film is French, which gives it an edge for the beautiful language and the setting of France.

The cinematography, art direction, and set design are inventive and unique. The movie has a magical, whimsical feel to it which is appealing.

The story, however, is an enormous drawback.

The central character, a waif-like, sweet, waitress is lonely and feels unloved, yet avoids meeting the man of her dreams by playing a cat-and-mouse game of leaving silly notes and sending him on wild goose chases because she is afraid of happiness, yet she does everything she can to ensure others find happiness.

The story did not work for me at all, but I admire the creativity of the film itself.

Perhaps I should allow myself a second viewing as this film received much fanfare.

Oscar Nominations: Best Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen/Original Screenplay, Best Foreign Language Film, Best Sound, Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography

Independent Spirit Award Nominations: 1 win-Best Foreign Film (won)