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Once Upon a Time in Anatolia-2011

Once Upon a Time in Anatolia-2011

Director Nuri Bilge Ceylan

Starring Muhammet Uzuner

Scott’s Review #445


Reviewed July 4, 2016

Grade: B+

Once Upon a Time in Anatolia is a Turkish film that, circa 2011, has received notice and recognition during awards season.

The film is very slow-moving and requires some patience, but it is worth the effort and I found myself savoring the experience by the end.

It is a cerebral, thoughtful experience about life and human nature and is philosophical in its message. The main characters reflect on their lives while searching for a mysterious dead body in the plains of Turkey in the middle of the night.

The cinematography is wonderful and some of the camerawork is amazing.

It’s quite a unique film.

The only drawback is its extremely slow pace, but upon its conclusion will leave you pondering for some time.

No bombs and no car chases are involved, just honest, truthful dialogue.

Independent Spirit Award Nominations: Best International Film