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Director Lance Daly

Starring Kelly O’Neill, Shane Curry

Scott’s Review #500


Reviewed October 28, 2016

Grade: B+

Kisses (2008) is an Irish film that tells the story of two pre-teenage kids (Dylan and Kylie), who run away to Dublin on Christmas to escape their dysfunctional families and their small town, morose life.

Instead, they become attracted to the “big city” and the hope of finding Dylan’s older brother, himself having run away to escape the oppressive environment.

At first, Dylan and Kylie barely know each other, neighbors, but far from close. Gradually they become best friends and form an unbreakable bond.

While in Dublin, they face terror and charming moments of wonderment as they traverse the city, mainly at nighttime.

Great acting and chemistry from the two leads, especially being untrained actors. Kylie- an extrovert and full of life, successfully brings out the best in Dylan, who is reserved and withdrawn, so the pair complement each other as they experience their adventures.

The cinematography in Kisses (2008) is fantastic as one gets to experience the hustle and bustle of Dublin, and the quiet countryside of a small Irish town, which is an immense threat, and a contradiction in lifestyles.