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All is Lost-2013

All is Lost-2013

Director-J.C. Chandor

Starring-Robert Redford

Scott’s Review #4


Reviewed June 16, 2014

Grade: D

The accolades heaped on this film from 2013 escape me.

Some felt that this was Robert Redford’s late in life masterpiece. I’ve never found him to be a great talent as an actor, and while not horrible in this film, it is certainly not the Oscar-worthy performance being bandied about.

Many actors would play this role better- Tom Hanks, Sean Penn come to mind.

Beyond the performance, there are facets of the film that are unexplained (how did he become shipwrecked? Why did ships pass by not noticing him? who is he???).

Much of the movie dragged and a feeling of having seen this film many times before kept gnawing at me, albeit without a one-person cast, which I give it respect for.

But castaway, shipwreck movies have been around since the beginning. It had the standard plot developments of this type of film- broken equipment, sharks, storms, which made it feel quite contrived.


Independent Spirit Award Nominations: Best Feature, Best Director-J.C. Chandor, Best Male Lead-Robert Redford, Best Cinematography