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The Secret in Their Eyes-2009

The Secret in Their Eyes-2009

Director Juan Jose Campanella

Starring Soledad Villamil, Ricardo Darin

Scott’s Review #565

Reviewed December 26, 2016

Grade: A

The Secret in Their Eyes is a wonderful film and one of the best of the year 2009- deservedly it won the Best Foreign Language Film of that year.

Argentinian-spoken, the film is a multi-faceted story with twists and turns, leaving the audience guessing.

The remarkable characteristic of the film is that it crosses genres. It lies somewhere between a thriller and a romantic film, with much depth.

The story concerns a criminal investigator who decides to write a memoir of a case that happened twenty-five years ago as he reflects on the present as well as the past. This story angle in itself is highly appealing.

The film contains many flashbacks- a young newlywed was raped and murdered years ago in an unsolved case, and the film is influenced heavily by both Alfred Hitchcock and Dirty Harry.

The tale has a few surprises and twists, especially as the plot moves along. I adored the use of mirrors, reflections, shadows, and eyeglasses. Hitchcock lovers will know all about that.

I was fortunate to see this film at my local art theater and close to three hours, it can be slow-moving at times, but well worth the payoff.

The Secret in Their Eyes (2009) is a very, very well-made film.

Oscar Nominations: 1 win-Best Foreign Language Film (won)