Director-Leslye Headland

Starring-Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher

Scott’s Review #22


Reviewed June 17, 2014

Grade: D

I’m not sure how to pinpoint exactly what was wrong with this movie except almost everything. It tries to be a Bridesmaids meets Hangover and fails miserably. What made those films entertaining was that they were actually funny.

This film attempts many jokes and falls flat almost every time. The set-ups are actually there, but there is no follow through. Almost every character is unlikable and hateful to everyone else that there is nobody to root for. Worse yet, the film is bland. Dumb comedies are not my favorite genre, but this was lackluster. I adore Kirsten Dunst, but sadly she picked a dud. Isla Fisher seems to always be in films like this and the male actors (James Marsden, Adam Scott) have little to do.

Talented cast is wasted. Not worth seeing.

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