Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm-1938

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm-1938

Director-Allan Dwan

Starring-Shirley Temple

Scott’s Review #113


Reviewed July 16, 2014

Grade: B

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1938) is one of a heap of Shirley Temple films to be released in the 1930s and 1940s.

In this story, Rebecca (Temple) is a confident child singer auditioning for a New York City radio gig with her opportunist Uncle in tow. Through a series of mishaps, Rebecca winds up on a farm outside of the city with her aunt and various other people who live on or near the farm.

The race is on for the radio people to find Rebecca in time and make her a star. Other romantic sub-plots involving the supporting characters occur.

The film is very innocent and cutesy and one needs to be a Shirley Temple fan to truly enjoy the film. If not, one might find it contrived and schmaltzy. It felt somewhere in the middle for me- I enjoyed the Shirley Temple musical numbers and the talent of the star, but the story was, of course, predictable and no surprises were in store. It felt more like a pleasant trip down memory lane.

The film is harmless and contains the standard Temple curls, smile, and joyfulness. The supporting cast includes Jack Haley (The Wizard of Oz) and Gloria Stuart (Titanic-1997).

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