American Hustle-2013

American Hustle-2013

Director-David O. Russell

Starring-Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence

Scott’s Review #39


Reviewed June 18, 2014

Grade: A

Having seen this film a month ago and finally getting around to reviewing it, it’s a perfect time as a slew of Oscar nominations have been reaped upon it, thus, undoubtedly more people will be seeing it in the weeks ahead. I loved this film.

I know there are some who were underwhelmed, but I found it quite authentic and stylish in every way. I loved the 1970’s time period and felt the hairstyles, clothes, props were spot on. I also felt the film had great acting and, though not a fan, Jennifer Lawrence had me enraptured. Same with Cooper, Bale, and Adams, who all deserve their Oscar nods.

I found it similar in style to “Boogie Nights”. The 70’s musical rock score was perfect. The subject matter of political corruption and cat and mouse intrigue was effective and resounding. Kudos!

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