The Missing Picture-2013

The Missing Picture-2013

Director-Rithy Panh

Starring-Randal Douc

Scott’s Review #157


Reviewed August 21, 2014

Grade: C+

One question continued to go through my mind while viewing The Missing Picture- is it a documentary or a foreign film? To me, it is a documentary, but strangely the film was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.

I hate to say this, but after 15 minutes or so I found the film quite dull.

I respect the creative, expressionist clay figures and enjoyed the black and white real-life clips of the horrific events from 1970’s Cambodia. But I found the narration as dull as dishwater.

I watched 45 minutes of the 1 hour and 35 minutes run time and deduced that I had gotten the point of the film. It does not take away from the importance of the subject matter at hand, but the presentation could have been a bit more exciting.

This is a common occurrence in the documentary genre.

Oscar Nominations: Best Foreign Language Film

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