Texas Chainsaw-2013

Texas Chainsaw-2013

Director-John Luessenhop

Starring-Alexandra Daddario, Dan Yeager

Scott’s Review #145


Reviewed July 31, 2013

Grade: B-

If you are a horror buff (as I am) the reality that one must accept is that classic horror films will be remade or some incarnation of them will be made over time. That is the harsh reality. They will never hold a candle to the originals. That is also a reality. One can either accept them for what they are or resist them.

Once again yet another version of the classic 1974 Texas Chainsaw Massacre comes upon us. It is present times (2013), and the main character, Heather, takes a road trip with her friends to Texas to collect an inheritance from a long-lost Grandmother she has never known.

An interesting twist is a film begins where the original left off- the fact that sequels were made in between seems to be forgotten.

I enjoyed how the film picks up where the original left off and brings in a bit of history to the story.

Unfortunately, the timeline makes no sense and is a complete impossibility- the heroine of the story would chronologically be 39 years old, but the character is in her early 20’s.

In typical horror fashion, the characters are all one-dimensional (sex-starved) and a token minority is thrown in for good measure, which has become standard in modern horror.

The Texas police are clearly portrayed as corrupt.

Happily, there are brief cameos by two of the original cast members (Gunnar Hansen and Marilyn Burns) from the 1974 version, which is a great touch.

Otherwise, this is a by the numbers modern horror film and quite forgettable, yet enjoyable for the 90-minute length.

Certainly does not hold a candle to the original, but what would?

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