The Final Destination-2009

The Final Destination-2009

Director-David R. Ellis

Starring-Bobby Campo, Shantel VanSanten

Scott’s Review #587

Reviewed January 7, 2017

Grade: B

The Final Destination is a fun, entertaining film, and exactly what one might expect from a film of this nature, of the horror genre, and by this time the fourth in the series. The 3-D effects were a nice (and needed) addition at this in the franchise as a way of keeping it modern and fresh.

The film has the expected additives- an attractive cast, mediocre acting, and the ridiculous situations, which inevitably lead to the fated kills- in typical grisly fashion. As audiences of the Final Destination films know, characters cannot tempt fate, and there is a specific order to the deaths. In fact, the only aspect that sets The Final Destination apart from its predecessors is the 3-D effects.

The story is reminiscent of the original version of Final Destination, made in 2000, only instead of an airport, the action begins at a raceway, where the main character of the film, Nick O’Bannon, has a premonition of a grisly accident at the racetrack. After he saves some folks from their deaths, they believe they have cheated “death”, but before long, fate has other plans for them.

Some fun kills include- decapitation by flying tire, a sharp rock emitted from a lawn mower, a crushing tub, and a speeding ambulance.

The novel concept of the film, originally fresh and unique, has become to be expected and rather redundant- the fun part is the creative kills. The film is the perfect movie to sit back, relax, have fun, see some interesting deaths, and be entertained.

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