Director-John Erick Dowdle

Starring-Chris Messina

Scott’s Review #523


Reviewed November 23, 2016

Grade: B

Devil is an enjoyable thriller/horror film that is deemed as the first in a trilogy, though it is unknown if the subsequent films will see the light of day since this film was not a smash success at the box office nor was it critically acclaimed. A fun fact is that the screenplay is based off of a story written by respected director, M. Night Shyamalan.

The premise is very good;  set in Philadelphia, a man suddenly jumps from a tall skyscraper to his death. We learn from a narrator that the devil takes many forms and makes his presence known by a suicide. Detective Bowden (Messina) is called to investigate the death. Eventually five people are stuck in an elevator and one is a killer, presumably the devil. The film is a whodunit of sorts and also a tale of morality, good versus evil.

Parts of the film are a bit hokey and suspension of disbelief is certainly required, but Devil is also a decent, edge of your seat thriller. Being only rated PG-13, the film tones down the gore and the death in favor of lighter, tamer activity. The revelation of the actual killer is surprising and rather enjoyable.

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