Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work-2010

Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work-2010

Director-Ricki Stern, Anne Sundberg

Starring-Joan Rivers, Melissa Rivers

Scott’s Review #563

Reviewed December 26, 2016

Grade: A

I found Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work to be a great documentary. For fans of Joan Rivers the film is obviously a treat, but for people unfamiliar with her, it is an amazing journey into her personal life, and we see her at her most vulnerable.

At the time of this documentary, she was a very busy seventy-seven year old entertainer. The film exceeds as it shows not only her stage persona, and her quick wit, but a more intimate, personal side to the woman. According to Rivers, the makers of the documentary were allowed free reign of what made the final cut, with no approval by Rivers.

Joan Rivers must be the hardest working, driven, seventy-seven year old alive. Not only is she the foul-mouthed, hysterical comedienne most know her as, but she also has an insecure, sensitive side that few see. Moments of this documentary are hysterical, others are heartbreaking. As she is heckled in a crappy club in the mid-west by a man offended by her jokes, Rivers lashes out at the man, and later shows a sense of regret as she speaks to the camera.

The documentary is basically set-up as a year in the life of Joan Rivers mixed in with her forty plus years in showbiz, how she got her start, breaks, etc. We experience the pain she felt when her husband committed suicide, forcing her to take almost any job as a way to pay her bills.

This is a documentary that reveals much, much more than the public sees her as. It is an intimate portrayal of a courageous woman that few wholly see. I loved it.

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