I Am Love-2009

I Am Love-2009

Director-Luca Guadagnino

Starring-Tilda Swinton

Scott’s Review #545

Reviewed December 11, 2016

Grade: A

Tilda Swinton shines in I Am Love,  an amazing Italian film from 2009 that I wish received wider recognition, but alas, some of the best films do not receive their due.

Swinton stars as a matriarch of a wealthy Italian family, who owns a successful business. To make this film very authentic, it was shot in and around Milan, and contains a highly stylish and exquisite appearance. It is a grand film with high class set pieces and a great look. I do not hesitate to categorize it as an artistic, female version of The Godfather as it is that good.

It focuses on the family as a whole but more so on Swinton’s character, who is bored and unhappy with her life and yearns for passion and feeling. One day she meets a friend of her sons and drama ensues. Obviously, the boy is only half her age, but they share a passion that awakens her from her doldrums. The conflict in the film is how the affair looks to society and effects the family business- not to mention detrimental to her marriage.

A really great film that should be discovered by those looking for a gorgeous film with great drama.

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