Director-David Lynch

Starring-Jack Nance, Charlotte Stewart

Scott’s Review #541

Reviewed December 10, 2016

Grade: B+

Eraserhead is one of the oddest films that I have ever seen. The film is an early (1977) David Lynch film and is shot entirely in black and white. It is a surrealist horror film.

Entrancing is the locale of the film- a bleak wasteland, of sorts, in an even bleaker town-the name is unknown. Factory worker Henry Spencer (Nance) is garish in appearance-poofy/spiky hair, wild eyes, he is peculiar to say the least. He trods day after day, to and from his job, meeting interesting, yet grotesque characters. He has a child, who is inhuman with a snakelike face. Henry meets an odd woman, while carrying groceries home, and his apartment is filled with rotting vegetation.

While not one of Lynch’s best works, since the “plot” is incomprehensible to follow or make very much sense of, still, Eraserhead is a blueprint for his later works, with odd visuals, and even odder characters, and is to be revered for its imagination alone.

The film is definitely fascinating in its weirdness, but I probably never need to see it again. It’s a must see for any David Lynch fan for the warped experience.

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