Exit Through the Gift Shop-2010

Exit Through the Gift Shop-2010



Scott’s Review #531


Reviewed December 1, 2016

Grade: B-

Exit Through the Gift Shop is a documentary from 2010. I am a fan of documentaries if the subject matter interests me. The topic of this documentary is street art, which is not especially appealing to me, but it is also nice to be open to new experiences and perhaps learn a thing or two.

Bansky, who both directed and starred in the documentary, is the main feature and his story is told. We meet a man from Los Angeles, who carries a camera with him wherever he goes. Through his cousin in France, he decides to do a documentary on street artists. He is fascinated by the mysterious and secretive, Bansky, until he manages to one day meet him. He then begins to film Bansky’s street art activity. So the documentary actually has some plot and is not the standard type of documentary.

Some claims that the film is actually staged and a bit of a hoax have run rampant, but have not been proven.

I respected this feature as a nice, telling, documentary, but it dragged a bit, which may be the result of my limited interest in the topic. Great for anyone into street art.

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