Saw VI-2009

Saw VI-2009

Director-Kevin Greutert

Starring-Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith

Scott’s Review #518


Reviewed November 12, 2016

Grade: B

The Saw movies are a fun experience. They are like watching a puzzle form and there is usually some sort of twist or reveal at the end of each film, making them enjoyable. John Jigsaw’s torture legacy lives on in this film.

This installment picks up where Saw V left off and there are many flashback scenes to earlier installments so things make sense and all come together. The twist, however,┬áis not as interesting as earlier ones, but the kills are extremely gory and the reasons behind the victims are always interesting. In typical fashion, the victims deserve, in some way, their punishments, either causing someone else’s death, or ripping someone off in their past, so the brutality is not exacted on the innocent.

Deaths and torturous methods such as a severed arm, busting temples, cages, hydrofluoric acid, and needles are all used in ready fashion.

For any Scream Queens reality show fans, Taneadra Howard has a role in this one. Decent movie, but not as good as other Saws.

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