Director-Giorgos Lanthimos

Starring-Christos Stergioglou, Michele Valley

Top 10 Disturbing Films-#9

Scott’s Review #515


Reviewed November 11, 2016

Grade: A-

Dogtooth is a Greek drama nominated for the 2010 Best Foreign film academy award. The film is not for the weak at heart and is most bizarre and disturbing- troubling even. But upon digestion afterwards, I realized how much I appreciated its creativity.

It tells the story of three siblings who are homeschooled and shut out from the rest of the world by their overprotective parents. The teenage kids are curious, damaged, and sad. They know no other world besides the one their parents create for them. Certain words mean certain things to them- a language of their own. It challenges the art of parental control as the kids curiosity builds and builds.

The movie itself is very difficult to follow (non-linear) yet is mesmerizing and perverse. Warning: Some subject matters can be hard to take for some (incest, cruelty to animals, full frontal nudity).I thought it was a fascinating and bravely made film.

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