Director-Andrew Bujalski

Starring-Guy Pearce, Kevin Corrigan

Scott’s Review #471


Reviewed August 29, 2016

Grade: C-

Other than one fantastic supporting performance by Kevin Corrigan, who should have been the star of this film, Results is an independent romantic comedy that lacks any real identity. The film has trouble deciding which couple the audience is meant to root for leaving me to root for none of them, and frankly, a bit bored with the overall script. Still, Corrigan and to some degree Guy Pearce make it a tolerable watch.

Corrigan plays Danny, a newly wealthy average joe type, who joins a gym presumably to achieve a supportive network of friends, as he is new in town- Austin, Texas.  He meets Trevor (Pearce), who owns a local gym, and is trained by the moody Kat (Cobie Smulders). The three individuals lives intersect as a triangle of sorts develops.

Kevin Corrigan, who has appeared in numerous independent films over his decades long career, as well as blockbusters such as Goodfellas, completely steals the show and is the main reason to tune in. His acting is effortless as he plays a lonely, rich man looking for human connections. He is troubled, but has a comic , sardonic wit that shines and gives him needed vulnerability. We want him to find happiness despite being unlikable. Speaking of unlikable, Smulders as Kat is a frigid iceberg with attitude for miles. Why anyone- let alone two men- would have interest in her is beyond me.

Pearce is appealing as the good natured, aspiring to be successful businessman named Trevor, who is buff beyond belief- to enormous credit since Pearce is no spring chicken. Otherwise, we know little about his character. He is not in love with Kat, then suddenly seems to be. Kat warms to Danny, but then is in love with Trevor. The entire romantic entanglement is quite silly and no chemistry exists among any of the principles. The casting of Giovanni Ribisi as a stoner lawyer and Anthony Michael Hall (The Breakfast Club from the 1980’s) as a fitness guru are pointless.

The fitness/gym angle is sort of cool if one- as I am- is a fan of physical fitness. It is a nice little lesson as Kat teaches Danny basic core exercises. But after too many scenes of Kat drinking kale shakes and jogging incessantly, or Trevor eating egg white omelets and body strengthening, the message is overkill. They are fitness buffs- we get it.

The biggest fail is how the film begins focusing on Danny and Kat as a potential romantic couple, then suddenly shifts gears, making Kat and Trevor the main couple, with Danny on the outside looking in. It really makes little sense, and by that point I was rather bored anyway and the film just petered out for me.

Results has shreds of potential with better structured story-telling, but the film misses good potential in many areas- underdeveloped characters and a meandering plot are a couple of major problem points.

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