Girl, Interrupted-1999

Girl, Interrupted-1999

Director-James Mangold

Starring-Winona Ryder, Angelina Jolie

Scott’s Review #461


Reviewed August 8, 2016

Grade: B+

Girl, Interrupted is a film that I had viewed twice when it came out (1999) and recently viewed again in 2013. The film is a star making performance for Angelina Jolie (unknown before this) and warrants a watch just for that alone. Jolie completely steals the show as she portrays a damaged mental patient during the 1960’s.

The film itself is interesting as it’s intended star is Winona Ryder, at this point in her heyday, but completely usurped by Jolie- glaringly so. Ryder was in prime form when she was the “it” girl during the 1990’s. Sadly, her star has since faded.

Besides the “who is the real star of Girl, Interrupted” saga, the film itself is very good, though it has a glossy, happily ever after, Hollywood, vibe to it. It is not as gritty as it could have been.

Throughout, the film has a very safe feel- even moments of peril, as when one girl commits suicide, or another suffers from burns, it feels light. I did not buy Whoopi Goldberg as the kindhearted nurse. Her performance was okay, but really nothing special. Ryder and Jolie are tops.

Despite the subject matter the film suffers from a chick-flick, cliché, happy ending sort of style, but despite all of this, I still immensely enjoy the film.

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