Searching for Sugar Man-2012

Searching for Sugar Man-2012

Director-Malik Bendjelloul

Starring-Sixto Rodriguez

Scott’s Review #451


Reviewed July 17, 2016

Grade: B

Searching for Sugar Man is a heartwarming documentary that tells the true story of a forgotten rising Detroit rock singer (Rodriguez) from the early 1970’s, rediscovered by South African DJ’s where he is a surprising legend in present times.

The documentary’s main talking point is how an icon can be idolized in one country, while living in utter poverty in another. Thought to be the next great thing in the 1970’s, his two released albums bombed and he subsequently faded into oblivion, until tracked down by the South African DJ’s, curious of his current whereabouts.

An inspiring documentary for any musician or fan of music as Rodriguez is a true artist, not in it for the money type or obsessed with attention nor fame, who finally receives some recognition for his talent. He is a free spirit, reminiscent of Bob Dylan, poet, whose story is a courageous one. Thankfully, this inspired documentary has brought some notice to Rodriguez.

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