The Dark Knight Rises-2012

The Dark Knight Rises-2012

Director-Christopher Nolan

Starring-Christian Bale, Tom Hardy

Scott’s Review #431


Reviewed June 23, 2016

Grade: C+

The Dark Knight Rises is a sequel to the exceptional The Dark Knight from 2008 and, unfortunately,  is  a complete let down, especially compared to that film. Perhaps my expectations were too lofty- it is a sequel after all, and sequels, typically disappoint.

To be fair, the film looks great and has a fast-paced, modern feel- slick and action packed. A summer popcorn film. The story, though, is uninteresting- the villains are not compelling, which is a major miss in a film like this where the villains are crucial. Tom Hardy as Bane is miscast. Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman, under-developed and one dimensional. We never really know much about what makes these characters tick.

I did enjoy the twist at the end involving Marion Cotillard, which impressed me and I did not see coming throughout the story.

I might have rated The Dark Knight Rises even lower than a C+ had it not been for the group of top notch actors appearing in the film. Having loved the most recent Batman film, I expected more and received less.

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