Annie Hall-1977

Annie Hall-1977

Director-Woody Allen

Starring-Woody Allen, Diane Keaton

Scott’s Review #48


Reviewed June 19, 2014

Grade: A

Annie Hall is Woody Allen’s finest work and that is says something as his list of wonderful films goes on and on (Manhattan, Blue Jasmine, and Interiors) are gems. Annie Hall is a witty, intelligent, great comedy. It is sharply written, quirky, and neurotic all rolled into one. Comedy is a tough genre. Romantic comedies are even tougher to get right.

My favorite part of the film is Woody Allen himself. Some might say he plays himself, but he is engagingly hysterical as the neurotic, skeptical, Jewish, cynical New York man named Alvy. He meets and falls in love with equally neurotic Annie Hall, played by Diane Keaton. They quarrel, love, and traverse from New York to California and back.

There are some very funny scenes (lobster, movie theater line, and the drive through Manhattan), and the intelligent, crisp dialogue makes this a top notch comedy.

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