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And Then There Were None-1945

And Then There Were None-1945

Director-Rene Clair

Starring-Barry Fitzgerald, Judith Anderson

Scott’s Review #66


Reviewed June 24, 2014

Grade: C+

And Then There Were None is adapted from a famous Agatha Christie novel of the same name from the 1930’s, the first of 3 film adaptations over the years. A group of 10 individuals from all walks of life are summoned for a weekend of merriment at a secluded mansion on a lonely island. The premise is perfectly set up for a fascinating whodunit as the characters are knocked off one by one in sometimes bizarre fashion- the bee sting death is great. There are a wide range of characters- the rich movie star, the spinster, the doctor, the house servant and his wife). For starters, I was very disappointed in the DVD quality (no Blu-Ray is available for this film). The picture and sound are abhorrent. The quality is quite grainy and faded and made watching an unpleasant experience. However, a great film might withstand those issues. The film has some appeal that the novel had- an interesting whodunit. The character histories are similar to the ones in the book and, to be fair, the film is well acted, and the wonderful Judith Anderson (Rebecca) is always a treat to watch. But the most disappointing aspect is the blatantly changed and completely upbeat, romantic comedy ending, which is vastly different from the dark novel ending and lost major points with me for the adjustment.